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Last update: Oct 17, 2016

FBG#01: Tamar Feat. Prince - Orpheum v2.0 (2 CD)
Tamar Tour with special guest Prince, Orpheum Theater, Minneapolis, 25th February 2006

FBG#02: Is This My Hometown? (2 CD)
Jam of the Year Tour, Target Center, Minneapolis, 11th December 1997

FBG#03: Virginia, Let's Get Busy (2 CD)
Lovesexy Tour, Coliseum, Hampton, 8th October 1988

FBG#04: DC Sexy Vol. 1&2 (4 CD)
Lovesexy Tour, Capital Centre, Washington, 10th and 11th October 1988

FBG#05: How Did I Get So Funky? (3 CD)
Gold/Ultimate Live Experience Tour, G-MEX, Manchester, 10th and 11th March 1995

FBG#06: Stockholm, R U Hip 2 The Funk? (2 CD)
Parade Tour, Isstadion, Stockholm, 22nd August 1986

FBG#07: Don't It Feel Good?
TV Broadcasts 2007, incl. Super Bowl XLI halftime show.

FBG#08: Any Sexy MF's In The House? (2 CD)
Act II Tour, Meadowbank Stadium, Edinburgh, 29th July 1993

FBG#09: Baddest Band In The Universe (3 CD)
Hit&Run Show, Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, 23rd May 1986
+ Cobo Arena, Detroit, 7th June 1986 (Birthday Show)

FBG#10: 7-7-7 (3 CD)
Target Center, Minneapolis, 7th July 2007
+ Aftershow at First Avenue, Minneapolis, 8th July 2007 (am)

FBG#11: SOTT Live Revamped
Sign O' The Times "Concert Movie" remastered
(Ahoyhal in Rotterdam / Sportpaleis in Antwerp / Paisley Park, 1987)

FBG#12: Days Of Soundboard Vol.1 (2 CD)
Various soundboard recordings from online streams (2007).

FBG#14: Purple Rain At The Omni (2 CD)
Purple Rain Tour, Omni, Atlanta, 4th January 1985

FBG#15: Toronto, Put It In! (2 CD)
Lovesexy Tour, Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, 5th October 1988

FBG#16: This Is A Rehearsal
SOTT Tour warm-up, First Avenue, Minneapolis, 21st March 1987

FBG#17: 8-3-83 Rehearsal (2 CD)
Rehearsal For First Avenue Benefit Concert, July 1983

FBG#18: Noon Rendezvous
Rehearsal for First Avenue 1984 Birthday Show.

FBG#19: LA 2-23-85 (2 CD)
Purple Rain Tour, Inglewood Forum, Los Angeles, 23rd February 1985

FBG#20: Another Lonely Ex-Mas (2 CD)
Purple Rain Tour, Civic Center, St. Paul, 26th December 1984

FBG#21: St. Paul 12-27-84 (2 CD)
Purple Rain Tour, Civic Center, St. Paul : 27th December 1984
Purple Rain Rehearsals (Nov/Dec 1984)

FBG#22: Minnesota Music Awards 5-20-86
6th Annual Minnesota Music Awards, Bloomington, Carlton Celebrity Room, May 20th, 1986

FBG#23: The Leno Files
Live performances at "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno", from 1998 to 2009.

FBG#24: One Night At The Dinner Table (2 CD)
Le Sporting Monte Carlo, Monaco, 16th August 2009

FBG#25: Kansas City... Welcome To 1999 (2 CD)
1999 Tour, Municipal Auditorium, Kansas City, 19th March 1983
with opening act from The Time.

FBG#26: More Free Candy 4 U (2 CD)
La Cigale, Paris, 12th October 2009

FBG#27: The Ex-Mas Rehearsal
December 1984 rehearsal (Another lonely Christmas, Instrumental jams, etc)

FBG#28: Chicago Goes Crazy (2 CD)
Purple Rain Tour, Rosemont Horizon, Chicago, 10th December 1984

FBG#29: Box O' Chocolates
Studio outtakes in soundboard recordings (2010)

FBG#30: Viage (2 CD)
20TEN Tour aftershow, Viage Theatre, Brussels, 11th July 2010 (am)

FBG#31: Super Bock (2 CD)
20TEN Tour, Super Bock Super Rock Festival, Lisbon, Portugal, July 18th 2010

FBG#32: Le New Morning (3 CD)
20TEN Tour aftershow, New Morning Club, Paris, July 23rd 2010

FBG#33: The Bird Rehearsal (2 CD)
Purple Rain Tour rehearsal, Summer 1983

FBG#34: Days Of Soundboard Vol.2
Various soundboard recordings from online streams and TV & Radio Shows (2008-2009).

FBG#35: Copenhagen 20Ten (4 CD)
20TEN Tour, Forum Kobenhavn, Frederiksberg, 20th October 2010
20TEN Tour aftershow, Amager Bio, Copenhagen, 21st October 2010 (am)

FBG#36: Rome 20Ten (2 CD)
20TEN Tour, Palalottomatica, Rome, 2nd November 2010

FBG#37: Viage 2 (3 CD)
20TEN Tour aftershow, Viage Theatre, Brussels, 7th November 2010 (am)

FBG#38: Abu Dhabi 20Ten (2 CD)
20TEN Tour, Yas Arena, Abu Dhabi, 14th November 2010

FBG#39: From The Soundboard: 1984 Birthday Show
Birthday show, First Avenue, Minneapolis 7th June 1984

FBG#40: White Girls Jam - 1984 Soundcheck
Early 1984 "White Girls" soundcheck (Ice Cream Castle Jam + Purple rain)

FBG#41: Feline - 1984 Soundcheck
Summer 1984 "Feline" soundcheck (Erotic City Jam, Screams of Passion, etc)

FBG#42: The Bird First Avenue Oct 83
First Avenue, Minneapolis, 4th October 1983

FBG#43: August 2, 1986 - Madison Square Garden
Parade Tour, Madison Square Garden, New York, 2nd August 1986

FBG#44: Days Of Soundboard Vol.3 - the facebook edition
Various soundboard recordings from online streams (2011).

FBG#45: 10,000 Wallpaper
Studio outtakes from "Come" era (1994).

FBG#46: Days Of Soundboard Vol.4 - The O2 Edition
Soundboard recordings of London 21st Sept 2007 "O2" show from online streams (2012).

FBG#47: Days Of Soundboard Vol.5 - The Rehearsal Edition
Various soundboard recordings from online streams of Live rehearsals (2012-2013)

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