Missing cards from my collection

Last update: August 2012

I'm looking for these cards (trade/buy) to complete my Collection.

English Name Rarity Rarity (Revised) Edition Artist Type
Blank card with Guardians Logo Special Special   Parkinson card
Druk Special   Promo Brom elemental
Barrow Wight Special   Promo Brom external
Land Drake Special   Promo Parkinson external
Thak, Steady Hand / terrain Woods   spécial EL Parkinson gardian
Cheesy Con Souvenir Special   Promo Parkinson item/creature
Exploding Tweezle Special   NP Parkinson item/creature
Tweezle the Sneaky Special   Promo Parkinson item/creature
Egyptian motif 15 C2   NP Hescox shield


Limited Edition EL
Revised Edition ER
Dagger Isle ID
Drifter's Nexus DN
Necropolis Park NP
Promotionnal Promo


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