MATCH 2-52

The original and quick game where you match pairs of cards (c) Tonio Lagoule

Last update : August 26th, 2014 - Version 1.0

Required: A deck of 52 cards (Poker type without Jokers).

Match 2-52 is a card game for two players. On a playground consisting of 4 rows and 4 columns (a grid of 16 cards), each player try to pair-up identical numbers or faces (eg two "5" or two "Jacks") side by side, vertically or horizontally on the grid.
In turn face down cards are revealed or moved on the grid. Each pair is "Catched" by the player who assembled it. Whoever manages to be the first to catch 12 cards is the winner.
Some pairs of cards trigger special events that may turn the tide of the game.

Goal: Lined up side by side pair of identical numbers or faces to catch cards. Catch 12 cards will win the battle.

Playground: Grid of 4 rows (lines 1 to 4) by 4 columns (A to D), one Deck, Players Catch zones.



--- Deck ---

--- Player B Catch zone ---

















--- Player A Catch zone ---

Start of a game:

- Shuffle the deck of 52 cards, place it face down on the left or right of the grid.

- Draw the first 16 cards of the Deck and put them face down in the 4 by 4 grid.

- Decide which player starts.


A Game's Turn:

The player whose turn it is must do two of the following actions, in any order:

- Return.
Return a card that is face down in the grid, revealing it to all players.

- Move.
Move a card that is face up in the grid, by swapping places with another card located on the same row or in the same column.

- Replace.
Replace a card that is face up in the grid, putting this card face down UNDER the deck and drawing the first card on top of the deck to place it into the empty slot, face down.

Note: The same action can be performed twice during a turn, if the conditions are met to do it.


Once both actions are performed, the turn passes to the opponent. However, the following events may occur during a turn:

"Match" and "Catch"
If a pair of identical numbers or faces are side by side vertically or horizontally, then there is a "Match".
The player having made up that match put the two cards in his/her Catch zone. It is said that there is a "Catch". The player must then immediately fill the empty slots in the grid by drawing cards at the top of the deck and placing them face down.

"Special Match"

Specific pairs of cards trigger a mandatory additional action in the turn, after the Catch is done by the player. It is said that there is a "Special Match" when the following pairs are done : Aces, Jacks, Queens or Kings.

- Aces Match: The player takes a card from the opponent Catch Zone and places it in his/her own zone.

- Jacks Match: The player consults a card face down in the grid and then replace it on the same slot, face down.

- Queens Match: Player turns face up a card in the grid.

- Kings Match: Both players exchange all their cards in their Catch zone.

Note: If the action for Special Match cannot be achieved (eg no card to be Catched in the opponent's zone), it is canceled.

If a player reveals face up a card with a "6", he/she must immediatly perform the following actions :

- Put the "6" card in opponent's Catch zone, fill empty space in grid by drawing the top card of the deck and placing it face down, then stop his/her turn even if he/she had another action to do.



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